Stone Mouldings

The molding is a decorative element widely used in architecture. It consists of a relief or accused outgoing longitudinal component retains the same profile throughout its route. Is this profile or cross section that defines and differentiates multiple types of moldings.

The moldings are used to decorate borders, delimit areas, highlight window frames

Standard Borders

The border is a decorative element that stands in contrast for the design of the rest of the surface where it is placed.

They also used to surround other decorative elements such as mirrors, walls, windows or furniture.

If to be used to decorate walls, as most suitable location, placing it is recommended to one third of the height of the wall.

Venetian Borders

A border around a wall or floor helps delineate the space and highlights the design of a room.

The Venetian borders are formed by small pieces of travertine and granite that are assembled by our skilled craftsmen.


Accentuate your new floor with a beautiful medallion. Medallions add elegance and character to any room and provide you with endless possibilities when designing your flooring. They add a special artistic ambiance to your home and are perfect for entrances, hallways, and can even be used as wall accents.

Medallions also serve as a unique way to reflect a visual transition between rooms in your home.

If needed we also do custom designs medallions.